WELCOME to Week 5 - Resilience (Part 1)

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Ever wondered how you can increase your emotional bandwidth? That’s what this topic is about.
Resilience refers to the ability to thrive or grow in the face of challenges and difficulties, rather than crumbling. The good news is that through use of various practices, including the ones discussed in this module, we can improve our resilience. We will learn about the field of positive psychology, and experiment with some of the tools. To understand more about resilience, please first check out the video below. 

Now explore the head, hand and heart sections for this module. We’ll be focusing on building positive emotions. To get more benefit from these practices, it is really good to do them regularly, particularly the meditations. To increase the potential benefits, see if you can challenge yourself (or gift yourself!) with doing a meditation practice daily.

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This site contains thousands of resources and exercises related to positive psychology.  Some things you may have to pay for, but there is a lot of free material here, too.