Part One

Welcome to the Compassion Module, Part One! 

In the next two weeks, we will delve into the theory and practice of compassion. This module we will explore what compassion is and experiment with some practices for cultivating and increasing compassion. In the next module we will zoom in on self-compassion.

First, please watch this video about compassion:

Now explore the ‘Head, Hand and Heart’ sections, below. This week, do at least one activity from each of the sections. Then you’ll be asked to reflect on your experiences with that in a discussion posting. To get more benefit from these practices, it is really good to do them regularly, particularly the meditations. To increase the potential benefits, see if you can challenge yourself (or gift yourself!) with doing a meditation practice daily.

CARE Course Progress

Suggested Activities: Try out any or all of the guided meditations below; you get to choose what appeals to you. These are recommendations, but you are welcome to try mindfulness practices from other sources. Another option you have is to attend the optional weekly Zoom meeting for our group,  from 5-6pm on Wednesday, where I will be leading a guided compassion meditation.

Remember to honor you own responses – if a practice is making you feeling stressed or uncomfortable, it’s okay to stop doing it!

Some of the following meditations require you to navigate to an external site. If there’s no audio player, click on the title or image to access the meditation.

Below is a collection of videos and links to articles and podcasts that give you more information about compassion.  Suggested Activities: 

Peruse and check out what interests you.  I recommend that you check out the short ‘We Are Built to Be Kind’ video, and then explore the other resources if you would like a deeper dive. 


Below are two brief exercises that you can do during the course of a day; they could take you anywhere from a few moments to a few minutes – click on the green buttons below to explore them, and you choose what works best for you.

Assignments for this module:

Optional: If you’d like to, join the Zoom session on Wednesday from 12.-12.45  where I will lead a mindfulness meditation, and you will have the chance to check in and chat.  

1. Practice. Try at least one activity from each of the “heart, hand and head” categories above. 

2.  Write.  Consider reflecting on your experiences with compassion this week in the discussion area below. 

Compassion Part 1 Discussion Prompt

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