Part One

Welcome to the Resilience Module, part one!

Ever wondered how you can increase your emotional bandwidth?  That’s what this topic is about. Resilience refers to the ability to thrive or grow in the face of challenges and difficulties, rather than crumbling.  The good news is that through use of various practices, including the ones discussed in this module, we can improve our resilience. We will learn about the field of positive psychology, and experiment with some of the tools. 

The format is a little different this week.  For the ‘Head’ part of this module, please watch each of the following three videos,  before you proceed on to the practices for Heart and Hand. 

Try to watch all three of these videos this week, as they contain a wealth of information about resilience

1. Resilience and Neurobiology; learn a bit about the mind/body connection, and what it has to do with resilience

3. Learn more about positive psychology, and see if you can watch this without smiling!

Below is a list of five different exercises or activities you can try to build resilience and positive states of mind.  Try one, some, or all of the.  Click on the description to open the instructions. 

Resilience Part 1 Discussion Prompt

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