The ‘E’ of CARE refers to empowerment. Cultivating compassion, mindfulness, and the other resilience techniques you have been learning help to broaden your emotional bandwidth and your ability to cope with (and even thrive on) what life throws at you. In this sense, they are all practices that empower you. One of the dimensions of burnout is a sense of reduced personal efficacy; empowering practices help to address this. Most of the focus of our training so far has been on how you can change your own attitudes, intentions and behaviors in order to strengthen your resilience.

As you no doubt know, though, external factors can be major stresses. Sometimes, of course, it is appropriate to address these factors. For example, an abusive or hostile workplace, social injustices and so on can lead to stress. Sometimes practices like mindfulness and compassion are criticized for allegedly putting too much emphasis on the individual’s ability to cope with problematic conditions, detracting focus from external or systemic sources of stress. This is an important consideration. The premise of the CARE program is that by developing our own coping capacities we are not avoiding addressing external factors, but developing a stronger and more stable platform from which to address them.

 Now you’ve watched this introductory video, let’s try to build our empowerment! 
We’ll try a values exercise that combines head, hand and heart.


This week, try to do any of the meditations that have been helpful for you in the course so far, and then challenge yourself to try a new one. You can use the links in previous modules, or you can explore some of the many guided meditations found on the web sites below.

Insight Timer en Español

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M.D. Anderson Cancer Center has created a collection of information and short videos about burnout and how to address it. Click on the image below to access it.