Week 1: Awareness Part 1
Week 2: Awareness Part 2


Week 3: Compassion Part 1
Week 4: Compassion Part 2


Week 5: Resilience Part 1
Week 6: Resilience Part 2

CARE Course Information and Resources


CARE is an eight week course for developing habits that increase wellbeing and decrease burnout. We will cover the four main topic areas of Awareness, Compassion, Resilience, and Empowerment from the perspective of head, heart, and hand. 

Together we will explore the different topics of compassion, awareness, resilience and empowerment.  You’ll learn about why the practices might be helpful, and most importantly, you’ll get to practice them.  There will be plenty of resources for you to deepen your exploration if you would like to.  For each module, there are brief videos introducing you to the topic, and then you will be encouraged to practice some of the techniques, and (if you want to) share your experiences with others in the group.

Each week, as we progress through the course, a new module part of the module will be released.  When they are available you’ll be able to access them by clicking on them. We’ll start with Awareness Part 1.  To go to the page, click ‘Awareness Part 1’ in the Module 1 Awareness box on the top left of this page. 

The optional Zoom meeting times are listed on the left of this box.  When it’s time to join the meeting, you can click on the Open Zoom button at the bottom of the list, or you can use the link that was emailed to you.