WELCOME to Week 2 - Awareness (Part 2)

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By now you have experimented with some of the head, heart and hand exercises – nice work! This module we will continue to explore some theory and practice of mindful awareness. Have you noticed your mind’s tendency to get distracted? Don’t worry – that’s totally normal! Start by watching the video below, to learn about how to approach it. 

Now explore the Heart, Head, and Hand sections below. This week, try to do at least one activity from each of the sections. Then you’ll be asked to reflect on your experiences with that in our Facebook group. To get more benefit from these practices, it is really good to do them regularly, particularly the meditations. To increase the potential benefits, see if you can challenge yourself (or gift yourself!) with doing a meditation practice daily.

Hand (Can you do one a day?)

See if you can try one of these one-the go activities per day—5 days a week. They take just a few minutes - or less!

Sharing our experiences is a way we can support each other, build community, and deepen our understanding.  Please consider joining the private Facebook page for CARE course participants.  Here we will be able to connect with each other, and share our experiences.  Click on the button below to access and join the group, then respond to the posts about this week’s adventures with awareness, if you’d like to!

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