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Welcome to the Catherine Place CARE Training Course!

We’re happy you are here! This training is designed to help you build a tool-kit of resources and practices to reduce stress, increase your emotional bandwidth, and get an improved sense of well-being.

Together we will explore the different topics of compassion, awareness, resilience and empowerment.  You’ll learn about why the practices might be helpful, and most importantly, you’ll get to practice them.  There will be plenty of resources for you to deepen your exploration if you would like to.  For each module, there are brief videos introducing you to the topic, and then you will be encouraged to practice some of the techniques, and (if you want to) share your experiences with others in the group.






Short guided meditation practices
Sample Activities: compassion cultivation exercises; mindfulness meditation


Learn about why this stuff helps!
Sample Activities: introduction to neurobiology of compassion; readings/videos about compassion; re-framing activity


Ways of putting into practice in your everyday life. Sample Activities: Gratitude writing exercise; mindful moments exercise; act of kindness

We’ll meet together on Zoom when the program starts  so we can get to know each other and get oriented to the web site.  After that, there will be Zoom ‘drop-in’ meetings at the same time every week, which you are welcome to attend.  Each week a new module will be released on the web site and you will be encouraged and prompted to undertake a combination of  ‘head, heart and hand’ exercises, to practice and reinforce what you have learned.  These are by no means ‘compulsory’ but they are encouraged in order for you to get the most benefit out of this program.  Probably a good guideline is that you should try to set aside15-20 minutes per day for CARE practice, though you can of course do more than that if you would like to!  Building a sense of community can be really supportive for our well-being.  You’ll be encouraged to interact with each other through discussion postings on our private Facebook page and in the Zoom sessions, if you’d like to. 

Each module will contain information about the certain topic, plus links to exercises and supporting materials such as readings, videos, and guided meditations. It will provide you the opportunity to engage in discussions with other participants or contact them between sessions, if you would like to. 

Mission and Vision of CatherinePlace.org

“Catherine Place seeks to improve the quality of life for women. By creating a gentle and sacred space, we encourage each woman to claim her dignity and worth, we welcome and honor her, and we provide opportunities for learning and spiritual growth.

In loving compassion we are called to affirm the worth in one another. We are women empowering women: listening, learning and sharing, dreaming with one another, honoring diversity and all cultures, and building healthy relationships in families, neighborhoods, and communities.

We are committed to addressing the particular needs of women who are materially poor, in transition, or facing the daily challenges associated with poverty, loss, violence, immigration and illness.”

Jane Compson

CARE Course Instructor

Jane Compson is an Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Philosophy and Comparative Religion) at the University of Washington at Tacoma. If you are interested in the research and rationale behind the CARE program, please read The CARE Heuristic for Addressing Burnout in Nurses. While it was intended for an audience of nurses,  the basic principles are the same, and this should give you some idea of the rationale behind the training.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please email: jcompson@uw.edu

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